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First steps Shoes for Children Multivariant

First steps Shoes for Children Multivariant

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First Step Shoes are available in three sizes and numerous different models, to give you the right match for everyday outfits! They all have something in common, though: they are comfortable to put on and take off and have a soft bottom to cushion the sole of your baby's foot!

  • Available in 22 versions, different in style, color and materials
  • Each model is available in three sizes: we recommend relying on the following size chart when choosing the number to order




0-6 months           11 cm / 4.33 in                     5.6 cm / 2.20 in

7-12 months         12 cm / 4.72 in                     5.8 cm / 2.28 in

13-18 months       13 cm / 5.12 in                     6.0 cm / 2.36 in

To calculate the "Internal length" to order, add 1cm to the length (from toes to heel) of the baby's foot!

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