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Stella Stellina Kid Book

Stella Stellina Kid Book

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A Goodnight book for children from 4 to 99 years? Here!

Stella Stellina is a fairy tale full of illustrations that tells how Mamma Luna and Papà Cielo every night gently put their little Stellina to sleep!

The colors of the illustrations and the words of the text involve the Child making him identify with Stella Stellina who is preparing for bedtime! Transposing himself into the sweet Stellina, the child naturally relaxes and gently lets himself fall asleep page after page.

A book for children's sleep, it also helps adults to relax by transporting them to the magical world of Stella Stellina!

Children of all ages, ready to read the fairy tale of Stella Stellina? Good night!

  • Picture book with thick cardboard pages
  • Approx. 20x20 cm
  • Suitable for children from 4 to 99 years :)
  • Italian language

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