What Is A Montessori Bookshelf

What Is A Montessori Bookshelf

What Is A Montessori Bookshelf 

Have you wondered, "what are the best bookshelves for children?" Do you want to create a beautiful bookshelf for your child's room? Or maybe you want to keep your kids' books neat and organized?

Rated as one of the best bookshelves, a Montessori-styled bookshelf may be just what you are after for your child. But just what is Montessori education about, and how does it help your child's overall development?

Montessori is an educational approach that encourages children to learn through collaborative play, hands-on experience, and self-directed action.

Children are free to make creative decisions regarding their educational pursuits inside Montessori classrooms and at home through age-appropriate activities.

There are many great options available for creating a Montessori bookshelf. This post will review each option's pros and cons and help you decide which toddler bookshelf will work best for you.

What Is a Montessori Bookshelf?

A Montessori bookshelf is the best bookshelf for kids as a simple and beautiful piece of furniture for any Monti child's room. There are many different Montessori bookshelves, but for a bookshelf to be considered Montessori, it typically is front-facing so that all the book covers are visible. It also needs to be low enough to the ground that your child can easily access every book stored on the shelf. Lastly, the bookshelf should be made of natural wood. Maria Montessori favored wood for kids' toys and furniture because it is safer (non-toxic), has a calming effect, and is more inspiring to children.

They are made to encourage independence by letting kids play with their toys and use the resources independently. Montessori furniture consists of child-sized pieces intended to encourage children to become more self-reliant by facilitating them to take control of their area.

Most of the furniture components in a Montessori environment are height-adjustable so that they can be used as the child gets older and are also built with the specific requirements and needs of the child in mind.

Benefits of a Montessori Bookshelf

The use of bookshelves inspired by Montessori education has surged in popularity in homes worldwide. Because the Montessori shelves are at a lower height, even a child should have no trouble reaching any part of it. In addition, there are no doors; this helps make it easier for kids to access books.

Visibility is also another crucial element that should be present in Montessori bookcases. There should be space between the books. And they should not stack on top of one another.

You will see that kids make distinctions based on the book cover, unlike adults, who typically glance at the title printed on the book's spine. Designing a well-spaced layout can better meet this need.

Children can enjoy the benefits of a front-facing bookshelf, which includes:

  • Assisting children in selecting books to read by allowing them to view the first page of the book as well as its cover.
  • Increasing children's interest in reading and reading habits.
  • Making it easier for the parents to cycle the books by helping them keep track of which ones are read the most.

Things To Look For In A Montessori Bookshelf


Montessori furniture is child-sized so that everything is easily accessible to your child. This helps promote independence by letting your child take control of their environment. Although virtually all Montessori bookcases have a front-facing feature, these bookcases are distinct from one another in terms of form and proportions.

When shopping for a Montessori bookshelf, one should keep the following considerations in mind to make a purchase that will meet their child's requirements at his or her developmental stage.


In order to effectively exhibit the front covers of the books, the bookshelf should either be front-facing or open from the front.

Front-facing bookshelves allow children to freely observe and select books from Montessori bookcases since there are no barriers.

wooden and canvas front-facing bookshelf

Easy To Access


A Montessori shelf should also be low enough to the ground that every book can be accessible to your child without help from an adult.

Minimalistic and neutral

Like the rest of the Montessori furniture, the bookshelves used in a Montessori classroom should have as few components as possible and a primary color.

Children can better concentrate on the book covers when the colors and decorations around them are muted and unobtrusive, as this reduces the likelihood of feeling overwhelmed.

Displays A Manageable Amount Of Books


Montessori principle encourages an intentional, curated space that is free from clutter. Your child's bookshelf should not hold books stacked behind each other. The bookshelf should contain multiple compartments that showcase the front and back cover pages in various formats and sizes.

The material of the bookshelf

The typical Montessori bookcase should be constructed from natural wood that will survive for a long time, painted with non-toxic colors, and be strong enough to remain stationary.

It is also essential to think about whether the Montessori bookshelf will be a stationary component of your kids' room or playroom or if it will be a mobile option instead.

How Tall Should a Montessori Bookshelf Be?

It's best to keep the height of Montessori bookcases very low. The goal is for your youngster to reach everything on the shelf, including the farthest reaches.

When it comes to selecting the appropriate height, the golden standard is as follows:

  • For infants = 16 inches
  • For preschoolers and toddlers = 24-32 inches
  • For elementary school students = 32-40 inches

As you may have seen, the higher shelves are designed with older children (typically taller) in mind.

Things To Consider Before Picking a Montessori Bookshelf?

Consider the following factors before selecting the best wooden bookshelf for your kids' playroom.

  1. Age of your child
  2. Usage of the bookshelf
  3. Available space at your home
  4. Your budget
  5. Your personal preference for the bookshelf

How do you organize books in your kids' playroom?

You can opt to categorize your children's books according to the author or type of book, or you may want to set them up according to size or color.

What is the best way to organize additional book storage in a nursery?

Once you have filled the bookshelf up for the week (or however often you rotate books in and out of the bookshelf), you may have extras and may be wondering where to store them.

Do not double-layer books on the Montessori bookshelf. Instead, pack them away nearby. This is where nursery book storage comes into play.

There are many different organizational options available for book storage in a nursery. For example, you can use storage cubes, caddies, or bins to organize your space.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are my child's needs?

Think about how they see the space you're making for them to explore and grow. You should choose pieces for your kids' playroom that fit a theme or work well together.

Buying all that you need from one store may be the option you lean towards. Check out RocketBaby's Montessori furniture collection.

What is a Montessori bookshelf?

A Montessori bookshelf is defined by the style and layout of the shelving in terms of accessibility for children.

The way the bookshelves are designed is largely favored and highly popularized by the Montessori learning method.

What are the features of a Montessori bookshelf?

The books are at a height that a baby or toddler can easily reach. In addition, the book covers are visible.

What Are The Benefits Of A Montesorri Bookshelf For Kids?

Children will appreciate having their book covers displayed for easy access during the picture book years, up until first or second grade when they're old enough to read. It also helps you to keep track of your kids' books at the beginning and end of play time and teaches them the importance of returning their books to where they originally got them.

What are the best ways to display books?

Forward facing with covers visible and single layered - do not put books one on top of the other.

Can I use the shelves to display anything?

Children can use their own personal storage space for any purpose as they grow up. This can expand into toys, artwork, or anything they create and want to display that fits the shelves.

RocketBaby Has You Covered!

If you're looking for a bookshelf option for your child's room, look no further than the Montessori method.

Children are urged to learn problem-solving techniques, be creative, and exercise critical thinking as they explore their surroundings. They also have access to books from birth, which helps them become lifelong readers.

From toys to shelf options, you can find a wide range to support your child's learning through various stages. RocketBaby has a collection of best selling Montessori baby products.

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