a pink bed low to the ground Montessori

What is a Montessori Bed

Montessori Bed: What Is It & How To Choose One?

 a pink bed low to the ground 

A Montessori bed is a bed that is low enough to the ground for a child to enter and exit it independently. It is born from the concept that Maria Montessori introduced to the world that says a child should have freedom to explore their environment.

"What sort of environment must be prepared for the child so that it may be of assistance to him? There can be but one answer to this: the environment for the baby-child must be the world, the world that is around him, all of it!"

–Maria Montessori, The Absorbent Mind (p.147) 

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What Are The Best Montessori Bed Options?

With so many Montessori beds available today, how can you pick the right one for your child? This Montessori bed is one of our favorite options for ages 2-5.

Benefits Of Floor Beds For Your Toddler

A Montessori bed promotes independence, free­dom of motion, autonomy for young children, and easy access to the bedroom and all of its components.

When your child sleeps in a crib, they are completely restricted from moving around and gaining body awareness of their placement on a bed. A taller toddler bed also creates safety concerns as they can easily fall off. A Montessori floor bed, however, allows the child to roam her room independently, providing an avenue for exploration and discovery, which will then foster independence. If they fall off, it's a few inches to the floor vs. a couple of feet, which greatly reduces the chances of injury.

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Things To Consider When Buying a Montessori Bed

There are many things to consider when buying a Montessori bed, such as: 

Child Safety

A Montessori lifestyle places a high focus on independence, but it is essential to ensure that the child is always safe. If your child enjoys climbing, you should avoid beds with lofty frames, such as the adult beds or tee-pee types, as these styles open up opportunity for injury while unsupervised.

Safe Space

Because the child will have the freedom to get in and out of their bed, they will have access to their bedroom. It is essential to consider all the ways to make the bedroom as safe as possible. If their space has furniture that has the smallest chance of tipping over, it is very important to attach it to the wall in order to prevent anything from tipping over and causing serious injury.

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bed with a wooden canopy low to the ground, Montessori style 

With the Montessori approach, children learn by doing. Floor beds allow them to explore and move freely, which they can not do when in a crib.

Our Montessori beds collection will give your child the freedom and independence they crave.

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