Learn how to make a beautiful and inspiring Montessori mobile DIY for your baby with this easy tutorial

Montessori Mobile DIY For Babies

Inspirational Montessori Mobile DIY For Babies

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Montessori education has changed the lives of millions of children around the world. Dr. Maria Montessori noted that children learn best when given opportunities to engage in activities she had developed. You could include many activities in the prepared environments of newborn babies. Still, the Montessorian visual sequence of mobile toys is the perfect first experience for newborn babies.



What Is A Montessori Mobile?


Montessori mobiles can help enhance your baby's developing motor skills. Traditional mobiles usually serve as decorative pieces in a baby's nursery. In Montessori, they are the first intentional learning opportunities for your baby.



Why Are They Important?


Montessori Mobiles are essential for newborn babies' eye coordination so that they can focus on colors, human shapes, geometric shapes, and other stimulations.



The Four Types of Montessori Mobiles


There are four types of Montessori mobiles. Each one is designed to engage your baby at different ages without overstimulating them. Below are the four Montessori mobiles and what age they are intended for.



The Munari Mobile


The Munari mobile is the first mobile you should offer your baby and is best for babies from birth to two months old. This mobile consists of black and white two-dimensional shapes, such as lines, different spheres, and abstract shapes.



The Octahedron Mobile


The Montessori mobile is the second mobile you should offer your baby. The Octahedron mobile consists of geometrical shapes that are usually red, yellow, and blue. This mobile is for babies ages 1-2 months.



The Gobbi Mobile


The Gobbi Mobile is for babies aged 2-4 months. By three months, babies can ultimately see the color spectrum. This mobile typically includes five spheres that are various shades of color. The spheres are hung in a diagonal, with the darkest colored sphere closest to your baby and the lightest colored sphere furthest away. This mobile is designed to help your baby's visual skills and depth perception.



The Dancers Mobile


This mobile is intended for babies 3-6+ months. The Dancer Mobile is made to look like abstract human shapes with a head and arms that move individually. It usually is made up of iridescent or shiny paper that is lightweight and can move easily in natural airflow. And because it is made up of iridescent or shiny paper, it will catch the light at different angles. This mobile helps develop your baby's tracking skills and depth perception.



Items Used For DIY Montessori Mobiles


You can make a beautiful Montessori mobile with simple materials stimulating your child's senses and promoting brain development.


To DIY Montessori mobiles, you will need:

  • Bamboo or wood dowels
  • Ribbon, string, or yarn
  • Paper or fabric cutouts
  • Scissors
  • Tape or glue


Tips For DIY Montessori Mobiles


Below are a few tips for all you crafters that are determined to DIY your Montessori Mobiles.


  • Choose Your Materials Carefully

Opt for lightweight materials that small hands can easily manipulate. Cardboard or felt are both excellent options.


  • Keep It Simple

The beauty of a Montessori mobile is in its simplicity. Avoid adding too many elements or making the design too busy.


  • Make It Sturdy

The last thing you want is your mobile to come crashing down in the middle of the night! Be sure to use strong adhesives and sturdy materials.


  • Choose Your Hanging Method Carefully

Montessori mobiles are designed to be hung from the ceiling, so use appropriate hardware. Command strips or fishing lines work well and will not damage your walls or ceiling.


Frequently Asked Questions:


What Is A Montessori Mobile?


A Montessori mobile is an educational toy that helps develop children's cognitive abilities. These toys are designed to encourage creativity, imagination, and problem-solving.


When Should I Start Using Montessori Mobiles For Babies?


Montessori mobiles can be introduced to babies from birth to six plus months. They are a great way to introduce intentional learning opportunities right from birth.


What Are The Benefits Of Montessori Mobiles?


Montessori mobiles help develop visual tracking skills, fine and gross motor skills, and intentional and coordinated movements.


Have Fun!

This is your chance to be creative and infuse your style into your baby's nursery decor. Just remember to follow the Montessori guidelines when crafting your baby's mobile, and you are sure to create a masterpiece that will help promote intentional learning opportunities for your little one.

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