How To Organize Toys

How To Organize Toys

How To Organize Toys

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How would you organize toys? Would you put them into boxes or drawers? Or maybe you'd prefer to store them in baskets?

Whatever method you choose, managing toys is important because they can take up space and clutter our homes. It's also a way to teach your children to start packing away their toys after themselves.

Let's begin with kids' toys if you're ready to start organizing. This way, you can recognize their favorite ones easily.

You can create a toy box or utilize the storage space you already have at home to keep all of your kid's toys organized.

Utilize Shelving Unit

The toys in your children's rooms can be arranged efficiently with the help of a basic shelving unit. Some can be displayed, while others can be kept in baskets and bins; eventually, when your child gets older, you can switch out the toys for school supplies and books.

Labeled Storage Boxes

When your child has finished playing, clear storage boxes are a great way to store your child's toys. Labeling them makes clean-up a breeze and helps to keep the toys organized. 

Plastic Storage Racks

Toy storage can be made to look great with inexpensive plastic racks. They are perfect for storing building blocks, dolls, and hot wheels.

Storage Boxes

If you wish to keep your toy storage out of the way, you can consider using storage boxes. 

These can be hidden underneath a bed or disguised as a part of the decor. They can be transparent, so you can see what's inside the box, or they can be opaque to blend in with the entire house.

Place Simple Plastic Racks

Why not get creative with your space for toys and use plastic racks? These kid's storage ideas are a fun way to allow your kids to organize them how they would like. They'll also be able to access these toys whenever possible, placing more limited playtime toys at the top.

Low-Level Storage Bins

We recommend low-level storage bins to avoid searching high and low for your child's favorite toys. Instead, these excellent toy storage solutions allow your kids to easily find what they're looking for. 

Under-Bed Storage Bins

Under-bed storage bins are another great way to organize and store kids' toys. Storing toys under your kids' beds can declutter their room and helps to keep those toys out of sight when your child is not playing with them.

Hanging A Shoe Organizer

Utilizing the back of your child's door with a shoe organizer is perfect for storing teddy bears, play vehicles, Barbies and dolls, action figures, or even crayons and pencils. 

A Wooden Crate And Tubing

Toy cars frequently hide behind furniture or are dispersed throughout the house, tripping you when you least expect it. You can easily DIY a "parking garage" for all those hot wheels and match-box cars. By Utilizing a wooden crate and cylindrical tubes, you can create an excellent and creative way to organize your child's toy cars..

Stuffed Animal Corner Hammocks

Are you tired of your child's bed being cluttered with stuffed animals? One way to solve this problem and keep all those stuffed animals organized is by hanging corner storage hammocks in your child's room. 

Use A Play Tent

Play tents can be set up anywhere in or out of the house. Find a corner of the home you can use if you have space indoors. It can be a great way to disguise all the toys once your kids are finished playing with them.

Use A Drawstring Bag

Drawstring bags are perfect for separating items. You can again use this storage method for little dolls and action figures. It can also be ideal for traveling. The bag is perfect if you want your kids to have options in the toys they bring on day trips.

Knitting Toy Bags

You can take your living room toy storage to the next level by using knitted toy bags. If you are up to trying knitting or are an avid knitter, this is great to showcase your creativity. You can use your kid's favorite colors of yarn and weave it so the bag is sturdy.

Hanging Hammocks

If you have enough room, you can use hammocks to keep toys away from your living space. This can unlock a new area for your kids’ imagination to run free. They can also use the hammock to play and go on an adventure with their toys.


These styles of baskets are perfect for easy access to toys. They work well in the living and bedrooms and add a nice homely feel to the room. You can look into beautiful storage options on the RocketBaby site

Play Mat 

Play mats are great because your kids will love to play on the comfortable surface, and once they're done, they can roll the mat up and tie it away. 

Use Of Magnetic Knife Strips

Instead of using this for your kitchen, you can attach magnetic toys to your child's room. It would make their toy car or toy plane collection stand out and is a fun, creative idea for kids.

Board Game Storage

If your kid loves board games, it may be a good idea to look into spaces that can organize them neatly. Using a bookshelf or utilizing closet space for these games is a great idea.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does it take to organize my toys?

If you're starting from scratch and have accumulated a lot of toys, this could take a couple of weeks to finish. Once it's organized, the key is to put everything back in its place once your kids are done playing and keep reminding them to do so.

Do I really need to organize my toys?

We think so. It can be challenging to keep an eye on every toy your child owns, from push and rocking chairs to toy cars. Children are known to lose things, and you want to avoid buying an item if you know it's already in the home.

Can I just throw my toys into boxes and call it good?

It's a better idea to plan and organize where items go. You may discover space you didn't realize you had once everything is packed away neatly.

Will organizing my toys help me with my clutter problem?

We think so. A designated area for each toy makes you less tempted to buy duplicates or triples of certain toys. Plus, you'll have a neat spot to store extra blankets and stuffed animals.

What do I need to organize my child's toys?

Clear plastic storage bins are best. By storing your child's toys in clear containers, your child can see exactly what is in there, making accessing those toys easy. You can also organize your child's toys by using shelves, storage racks, and even a shoe organizer. 

There are various ample storage ideas you can give a go, from sturdy storage containers to baskets and even hammocks. Get creative and give your kids enough to hold on to their items.

Is there an easier way to organize my toys?

Using what works best for you and the space you have in your home is key. You can choose a custom storage unit if you're looking for ways to keep it small. You can also try DIY methods and make storage boxes yourself.

Final Thoughts

Organizing toys is beneficial not only to your children but to your home as well. When you're ready to start organizing your toys, we recommend trying one of these tips and seeing what works for your environment and what the kids will love. To help keep your child's bedroom tidy and organized, check out our best toy storage solutions and ideas for kids.
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