Best Montessori Toys For Two-Years-Olds

Best Montessori Toys For Two-Years-Olds

Best Montessori Toys For Two-Years-Olds

Montessori toys are a great approach to education for kids. If you are looking for toys for your two-year-old toddler, keep reading this ultimate guide on Montessori toys to develop the essential skills your child needs.

wooden blocks and wooden animal figures

What Are Montessori Toys?


Montessori toys are an excellent way for children to learn about different things. They allow children to experiment by manipulating the toys, stimulating their minds to learn. Montessori-aligned toys are meant to duplicate a child's real-world experience and introduce concepts that will help them gain independence and autonomy. Your child can practice one skill at a time with simple, natural-material toys ideal for Montessori-aligned play.


Qualities Of A Montessori Toy


Montessori toys for toddlers are toys based on the following:


  • Imparting important life skills
  • Toys that can self-correct mistakes and boost kids' self-esteem and independence
  • Natural and sustainable materials
  • No lights or electronics


Types Of Montessori Toys


When buying toys for toddlers, be sure to purchase ones that can improve a variety of skills, such as cognitive skills, visual perception skills, and motor skills development. Some of the toys you can buy should be based on the following:


  • open-ended play
  • problem-solving skills
  • shape sorters
  • sensory experience
  • toddler puzzle


Montessori Toys For Two-Year-Old Toddlers


Montessori toys are a great way to educate children about practical life skills. Here are a few of the best toys for two-year-old children.




Children love books! It's the perfect way to introduce your child to the world they live in. It's best to choose books depicting real life since children at this age view all things as reality. Books for a two-year-old should have real people doing real-life things. You can expand on what is happening in the book by adding your own descriptions that align with your everyday life.


We suggest attractively displaying your books so that it is easy for them to view them and select their favorites. This bookrack is one of our very favorites!

wooden and canvas bookshelf with books

Animal Figurines

Animal figurines depict real-life animals. Children can touch and hold them, which helps them learn via sensory stimulation. A great game to play is to match the animals with pictures depicting each animal for a fun sorting game that teaches children about similarities and differences.

Wooden Blocks

Wooden blocks are an excellent toy for a two-year-old. They help children build spatial, language, and problem-solving skills while allowing for imaginative play.

Push Toys

Push toys are the perfect toys for this development stage. Toddlers are just learning to perfect their walking skills and push toys are a great way to encourage them to continue practicing.


RocketBaby's selections of push toys are an excellent choice for your toddler.

small child pushing a wooden toy shaped as a whale

Play Silks

Silk scarves are a lovely sensory toy for children who enjoy open-ended creative play. Here are a few ways your toddler can play with silk scarves:


  • Tie the silk scarves and place them in an empty baby wipe container. Let your toddler pull the silk scarves out and put them back in.
  • Hang the scarves at the end of a play tunnel and let your toddler climb to the other side.
  • Drop and catch them or throw them and run to catch them.
  • Use them for dress-up or pretend play.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Multisensory Play?


Multisensory play is where a child engages with multiple senses simultaneously, which helps the brain make different connections and understand more concepts.


Examples of Multisensory Toys


  • Rainbow Sound Blocks: Stackable hollow shape block toys with sounds and various colors, this multisensory toy is excellent for many ages.
  • Busy Boards: A wooden board filled with everyday items such as light switches, a lock with a key, and push buttons that toddlers can play with in a safe and educational manner.


What are the benefits of a Montessori toy?


Montessori toys will encourage your child to learn new things by experimenting with real-world activities and stimulating the imagination. Montessori toys allow children to learn about the world through meaningful play while teaching them about independence and autonomy.


Explore Montessori toys with RocketBaby's selection of beautifully designed toys.

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