Best Montessori Toys For A One-Year-Old

Best Montessori Toys For A One-Year-Old

The Best Montessori Toys For A One-Year-Old

Toddlers benefit greatly from Montessori toys since they aid in the development of their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and social abilities. They also offer hours of entertainment and education.

This is why you should consider buying Montessori toys for children who are just starting out with their education.

Montessori toys aren't just for toddlers anymore. In fact, many parents choose to buy Montessori toys for their older children as well. Here are some of the top Montessori toys available for babies and toddlers.

What Is A Montessori Toy?

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A toy is considered to be Montessori if it promotes learning in children by encouraging them to explore and discover. It should be a toy that they can grasp and touch, as one of the most important things that can be done to assist babies in developing their fine motor skills is teaching them how to manipulate objects.


One possible illustration of a Montessori-appropriate toy is a container full of Legos.


Children are encouraged to use their imaginations as they are challenged to create something new via the process of trial and error when they are taught how to construct buildings and vehicles by putting together a variety of blocks.


On the other hand, we would not consider a particular Lego set to be a Montessori toy due to the fact that it requires children to follow very specific instructions in order to produce just one type of finished product.


Why Are Montessori Toys Important?


Montessori toys are great for helping in childhood sensory development because they are exciting, interactive and encourage children to explore their curiosity through experimentation.

Babies think in concrete patterns. They look for new things. Early on, your baby can start to tell the difference between things in the real world, like shapes, colors, textures, and weight. Any toys that let them play with these differences will help them build a foundation for this information.

Your child can also learn from playing alone with the toys. The actual genius of this is that it will spark in them the natural interest, enthusiasm, and innate smarts they'll need when the time comes to study their ABCs and 123s.

They are ready to find out more about themselves and the world. The best toys for babies are ones that meet them where they are in terms of their development. They teach them ideas when they are ready to understand them, and they let them explore with their own bodies and minds.

Your infant can build on their active intelligence as they grow with the help of the tools and knowledge that are provided by the Montessori toys.

What is Considered a Montessori Toy?


Montessori toys are made from natural materials like wood, clay, stone, metal, and felt. They are safe because they do not contain any toxic chemicals. You can buy Montessori toys online or in stores. If you want to purchase Montessori toys for your child, make sure they are age-appropriate.

Children may experience feelings of frustration if they have an excessive number of toys, each of which features an overwhelming number of components, colors, and sounds.

1. Keep it simple

The toys that are the least complicated to play with are the ones that are most suitable for infants. Your baby is attempting to make sense of this brand-new world that is full of amazing and unusual things.

Your baby can learn about shapes in an organized manner by playing with a straightforward puzzle, such as one that features a square, a circle, and a triangle in three distinct colors.

Even if there are no faces or other objects to direct them, they are nevertheless able to comprehend the connection that exists between the various shapes. Infants are unable to identify the primary features of a toy if it contains an excessive number of details.

Montessori toys are made from things found in nature.

Choose toys made of natural materials whenever possible. Your infant will learn much more about the world from a wooden or metal rattle than from a plastic one. The metal initially feels chilly in their palms, but it soon becomes heated.

There are numerous textures in wood and the baby "tastes" both metal and wood as being intriguing.

Montessori building materials are practical and effective.

The finest toys for our children's growth are those that encourage independent thought, exploration, and the use of their own ideas. They don't merely sit about and observe what grownups deem to be entertaining. To discover their surroundings and their capabilities, they move, construct, and communicate with one another.

Montessori toy options should be limited.

Give your kid a limited number of options when you arrange their toys. They may become frustrated and perplexed if there are too many options. They will switch between toys, creating a mess and spiraling out of control, rather than concentrating on one thing and making the most of it.

A child will require more toys as they become older, but the ideal quantity will depend on the child's personality.

Toys for one-year-olds in Montessori schools


Children grow quickly during their early years. These Montessori toys promote physical activity and social interaction. These are produced in an eco-friendly manner as well. They are crafted from wood that has been collected in a sustainable manner.


Montessori Wooden Blocks Set


  • This set includes wooden blocks specially made to encourage children to build and create things. They can make different shapes using the blocks. It also helps them develop their spatial awareness as well as their creativity.



Montessori Wooden Puzzle


  • These puzzles come in various sizes and designs. They are meant to stimulate the child's mind and improve their problem-solving skills. They can be used to teach them about colors, numbers, shapes, and letters.



Montessori Educational Books


  • Books play an essential role in developing the minds of children. You can use books to teach your toddler how to read, write, count, and recognize colors.

wooden and canva front facing bookshel with books on it 

Montessori Doll House


  • Dolls are one of the most popular toys among kids because they allow them to pretend and act like adults. Doll houses encourages children to learn more about construction and design.



Toys For Stringing And Lacing Beads


  • String beads and lace them up to teach your child patience, perseverance, decision-making, and fine motor skill development.



Forms on Pegs

  • Your child may have this toy for years. As a baby, he or she won't immediately be able to locate the perfect place for each item and identify its shape and color, but they will be fascinated and learn as they grow.



  • There are multiple variations for this one. A ring stand is a vertical dowel upon which babies can place and take away objects and more complex items like cubes or triangle blocks.



Cylinder Blocks


  • The child notices visual nuances which distinguish each cylinder in a single piece of wood and the distinct differences between the pieces of wood. Later on, children will learn to use words to describe these visual distinctions, such as big and small, long and short, etc.



Realistic doll


  • A realistic doll is a great way to introduce your baby to the world around them. Your child will love playing with it and learning from it.


Wooden Toys


  • Wooden toys are durable and safe for toddlers. They are also very affordable. There are many types of wooden toys available in the market. Some of them include the following:


• Wooden blocks

• Wooden puzzle

• Wooden cars

• Wooden trains

• Wooden dolls


Pikler Triangle


  • The pickler triangle is a toy that allows children to climb and explore their surroundings. It has three sides that are connected by a central pole. The top side is flat, while the other two sides are angled.


Ball Drops or Racecourses


  • This game is designed so that children can race against each other. They can drop balls into the track and try to get them back before their opponent does.


Nesting Dolls


  • This seemingly innocuous toy greatly sparks a toddler's inventiveness. Although they are only a few dolls of various sizes, your kid may use them multiple ways to stack them together, play alone, and learn about different sizes.



Frequently Asked Questions:


What are some excellent Montessori toys?


Here are some of our favorites:

1) Montessori Dollhouse

2) Wooden Toys

3) Cylinder Blocks

4) Push Toys

What are the benefits of these toys?

If you buy these toys for your child, he/she will enjoy playing with it and develop his/her fine motor skill and creative abilities.


What is the Montessori Method?


The Montessori method lets children experience life's real meaning by exploring their environment through meaningful activities and open-ended play.



What are the benefits of play items?


Creatively expanding one's mind through play encourages critical thinking, improves communication and interpersonal relationships, and sparks new ideas.


How do I know if the product is right for me?

It must be suitable for your child. Over time and with observation, you will be able to tell which of the toys stimulate your baby most.

Final Thoughts

If you have a baby or toddler, you should definitely consider investing in a few Montessori toys. They're designed specifically for children under two years old, and they offer lots of opportunities for learning through exploration and discovery.

Plus, they're fun, educational, and affordable. What else could you ask for? Check us out at for these and all of your Montessori kids' needs.

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